The Importance OF Followers In Instagram

The Importance OF Followers In Instagram

The Importance OF Followers In Instagram

Are you a celebrity? Or you are just an ordinary person with so many things in life that people would want to follow you and check on what every day of your life.  You may be a business owner, who want people to constantly monitor every activity your business undergo, every new product and services you have offered, then this is for you.

Instagram, the platform

Instagram is another platform that will allow an individual to follow you and check on your everyday post.  They can interact with you and post comments in your post.  Through this platform, you have enabled them to follow your daily life.

The more the followers you will get on Instagram, the more exciting it is for you.  Depending on what your goal is in signing in Instagram.  Whether it is for business or personal socializing, the more followers you get, the merrier.  It will be a frustrating situation, when you found yourself n Instagram, with only your best friend, your parents, and your siblings as your follower.  You won’t love that. Besides, your ultimate goal is to get as much as many followers to follow you. It will thrill you to know that from time to time, someone is checking at your every move.

The importance of having big numbers in Instagram

Instagram is built on numbers.  It is like a must to have a great number of followers because that is what you are there for.  The more the numbers of followers you have, the more inspired you are to continue thrilling them with your new photos, stories and even sharing them every adventure.  With Instagram, you are like an open book to your followers.  They will not be bored to check for new things in your posts.   They will always be on the watch for due to come.  They will have so much enthusiasm, to comment on things that they think you mishandled.  They would always want to interact with you.  You are their idol, so be ready for that.

How will you do that?

There are two ways to achieve that, the normal way or doing the dirty job.  Let us discuss first the first and normal option.

  1. You can grow your following by carefully designing a good strategy, setting your goals in a fine way, sharing value-added content and interesting in the view of the audience. Your followers are there because of they already like you I the first place.  They are your first line of support.  They love what you are doing, how you move, how you talk to them and they love what you love.  In short, there are the “birds of the same feather factor.”  They are not there if they don’t idolize you.

So, by continuing to give the dose that they need, they will stay and will bring you more followers, from their own backyard.  They will bring people with the same feathers as you do.  You just have to make a good strategy to be able to be consistent in maintaining the contents you share with them, stay in contact with them and be what you are. You’re being you is why they are there.

  1. Buy Real Instagram FollowersGetting it the dirty way. When I say dirty, It doesn’t mean you’re a criminal or what.  I say dirty because you are going out of the main highway.  It’s like you are going off-road.  You want to take the shortcut.

Yes, it works.  For 3$ to 5$, for a very short time, your followers will grow.  But, try to post something, maybe your sexiest picture and see what happens.  Time will pass by, and you will never see any comment about your picture.  You may want to change it with another interesting picture. Still, there is no comment.  The few hundreds of followers you got in a few minutes, cannot post a comment, because they are actually dummy accounts.  That is the perk of going shortcut.

The best thing to increase your following in Instagram

  • A precise and working plan is a must. Define what you want to achieve, the target audience and the niche that you are passionate to work with. For businesses, define your target audience, depending on the services you offered.
  • Proper Execution. It is essential to execute your plan properly.  The contents you are posting must be relevant to the interest of your followers.  They followed you because you have something that they like.  So you must be consistent with that something.  Losing it will mean losing your followers.
  • Interaction with your followers will give them the thought that they are as important to you.  Retain that in their mindset, and they will definitely follow you.
  • Focus on your goals. When you see other people doing things apart from yours, stay where you are and continue to do what you have started.  Business wise, focus on your services and products, as not to confuse your followers.

The Ultimate Goal

You are there for a purpose, which is to gain followers.  These followers will be your backbone to achieve your goals.  You cannot afford to keep on changing followers.  So, focus on your goals.   When you manage to maintain the same interest that they have in your contents, they are there to stay.  Not only that, they will bring in more of them.

Buying Instagram following is a scam

Buying Instagram following won’t work for you and for anyone, except for the people who are offering that kind of service.  If you love what you are doing and want to portray a good reputation on Instagram for yourself or your business, do it the hard but, clean way.  It pays off to be patient.  Hard work will definitely bear fruit, and it is sweeter if you get it that way.  It is lasting and worth celebrating.  Get rid of the thought of buying your Instagram followers.  Get the real ones, they will naturally come along and stick with you. The real ones are there to stay.

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The Importance OF Followers In Instagram

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