Buy Organic Instagram Followers

Buy Organic Instagram Followers

Buy Organic Instagram Followers

People always want to take shortcuts and make things happen quick. But always shortcuts are wrong cuts, and they will always cost you in the long run.

One of the shortcut methods that people like using when it comes to Instagram is buying Instagram followers. This method is used by popular artists and celebrities out there. You might have come across accounts with millions of followers, I do not mean to say that every account with a million followers involves fake followers, but there are many accounts out there with fake followers.

Do you consider buying followers?

If yes, then you have to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Why do you want to buy followers?
  2. Is the risk worth taking?
  3. Have you tried all accepted methods to boost your account and failed?

These questions will determine if you really need to or not buy Instagram followers.

What might happen to you if you buy Instagram followers?

  • Fake Instagram followers will not engage with your account

Sometimes these followers are not real people at all but merely fake bot accounts. You are likely to get an automated “Nice post” comment from these bots and not any real engagement. To be considered as an influencer, you will have to influence your followers’ behavior which is impossible when it comes to bots.

  • Your account might end up with inappropriate comments from bots

Sometimes you might get comments, but these comments might have no logical meaning. Sometimes they might even be in another language differently from your language. Bots have a tendency of making generic comments, and sometimes you might note that these comments are not relevant to the post. For example, a post might talk about a death of a family member, and you note a comment saying “Nice post” or “awesome.”

  • Expect spamming because fake followers always come with spams.

Most of the followers you will buy will be fakes, and some of them are fronts for spams. Buying followers you might end up your account to be a spam platform.

  • Instagram detects and purges fake followers

Instagram has developed a system that identifies and removes fake accounts. This is because they consider user’s experience has their main goal. Instagram makes a regular purge, searching for fake accounts. The algorithm used by Instagram is smart enough to detect and catch fake accounts.

If you paid for followers and Instagram deletes them, you will lose your money.

  • You will be breaking Instagram Users policy if you buy fake followers

Instagram does not allow its user to buy followers because it is against its policy. You might lose your credibility if your account is suspended for being involved in tricky cheats that are not allowed by Instagram. This might cost you a lot in the long run.

  • Fake followers will not help you earn money

Like I said earlier you have to ask yourself a question to why are you buying followers? Bought followers whether they are real or fake will never make any purchase of your products because they are not interested in anything you.

If you opt to be an influence majority brands will not work with you because brands do not select influences based on some followers, but also there are some factors that they consider such as engagement.

  • Fake followers will destroy your credibility as an influence

If people find out that you bought followers, then they will doubt have you are really genuine influences. Genuine influences earn their followers using organic methods.

Instead of buying Instagram followers you can earn them by employing some methods as discussed below:

  1. Buy Instagram Followers cheapMake a cross-promotion of your dedicated hashtag.

The first thing is to create a creative, simple and memorable hashtag, put it on your profile then promote it within Instagram and offline. You can print it on your receipts; signage and you can also use it in appropriate events.

  1. Make sure to create a simple and memorable

Look beyond the words, put a lot of creativity make it simple and the hashtag should be memorable.

  1. Get involved in massive popular conversations

Use different hashtags for every topic and make sure the hashtags are relevant to the topics. This will help you to be discovered by many people during their searching.

  1. Take advantage of your Bio URL

Use it to point to different landing pages at least once in three weeks. Make use of it to attract more traffic on your page.

  1. Make your captions descriptive

Pictures speak louder than words, but words cannot be skipped. Make sure to create captioned that are relevant to your pictures. Put a lot of creativity in it, and this will attract a lot of traffic on your page.

  1. Use influence to make campaigns for you. These are good at making campaigns that impact a lot of traffics. Use them to improve your traffic and number of followers on your page will increase.
  2. Make sure that you remove all unwanted tagged photos from your profile.

Always make sure that you feature only high-quality content on your Instagram profile. Recently Instagram has made it easy to remove all unwanted photos by simply choosing Edit Tags, then select all photos that you wish to remove then select hide from a profile.

  1. Take control of tagged photos

Change you Instagram settings and make sure nothing shows up without your approval. This will help you to have control over everything hence you will be able to choose what to show and not to show up on your profile.

There is a high possibility of earning followers without involving yourself in buying followers.  If you really take advantage of the above-discussed tips, you will be able to earn followers using organic methods with no risks.  Makes sure that you avoid shortcuts, because shortcuts are always wrong cuts. It is in your best interest that you follow the legit procedures and earn natural organic followers.


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