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Buy Instagram Comments

I have had a lot of people talking about buying Instagram comments and the funniest thing is, this trick is not only done by normal people but also celebrities, artists and social figures.

I and you might have been in a situation where we wanted to get a lot of comments on Instagram because we are tired of three or ten comments that we end up getting no matter what we do.

I am sure you have come across hundreds on agencies online that claim to provide Instagram comments services and you have been tempted to buy. Whether you have tried or never tried but doing that sometimes crosses your mind.

There are several reasons why people buy Instagram comments including; social status proof, an increase in engagement, posts ranking, and some people do it in order to attract buyers to buy their accounts.

Is buying Instagram comments a good strategy?

My answer is “No” because it might help you in a short run but it will not take you anywhere. There are a number of risks you may encounter if you are detected and caught having fake comments. The consequences include the followingBuy Instagram Photo Comments

  • Losing money. When you are caught with fake comments, Instagram will remove the comments and therefore you will obviously lose money because you didn’t achieve what you target in buying the comments.
  • Decrease the chances of your account being verified and increase the chances of your account getting suspended.
  • Your account will never be ranked higher if you are caught having fake comments and that will ruin you in the future.
  • It might ruin your reputation and brand. When people find out that you bought comments, they will no longer trust you. This is bad for business and you might end up losing a lot of money that you invested in crating your brand.

There are a number of ways that can help you get a lot of comments naturally without risking your account. These ways are legit and they do not break Instagram policy. These include;

  1. Asking for comments in a caption. Calls to action have always led to positive results. Captions like “please like”, ‘Please comment”, “Please repost” etc have also worked. If you want to receive a lot of comments on Instagram it will better t if you add a caption like “Please live a comment” in your post. Or you can just ask questions directly if you prefer asking for comments.
  2. Use overlay text to ask questions. This method will work better than adding questions in the captions. Make an overlay text to your Instagram post, video or photo.

Instagram is all about visualization and people use it to look at beautiful images. It is designed to drive more attention to images. Therefore if you want people to answer your question by commenting you should add the question to the image itself.

  1. Make sure to respond to comments. Leaving a comment takes a bit of effort. People take their time to think and write a comment on your post. So you have to appreciate their efforts and you can do that by making sure that you always provide answers to the questions they asked. This will encourage them to comment more in the future and you will be able to create a strong relationship between you and your followers.
  2. Run a contest based on comment and tag. This strategy will help you earn more comments. Make sure you take part in these contests. Let people contest by leaving a meaningful comment on your post or they should tag a friend in the comments. These contents can definitely get you a lot of comments and new followers too.
  3. Do an optimized digital marketing campaign. This is one of the best strategic plans that might help you to get a lot of comments and followers. The good thing about this is that it targets a specific group of audiences that have an interest in what you do.

Despite the fact that it will cost you, but the results are tremendous and it can improve your overall ranking on Instagram. This can be done using the following tips;

  1. DecidingBuy Custom Instagram Photo Comments
  • What is your target?
  • What are the tactics you want to use to reach your targets?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What budget are you planning to spend on the campaign?
  1. Learning about your audience

Make sure that you have a deep knowledge and understanding of your audiences.

  • Creating a message

Create a message that will appeal to your audiences. This comes from understanding your audiences.

  1. Do not only exist in Instagram

Run your campaign even outside Instagram platform make sure to promote your campaign in all your channels.

  1. Create a hashtag

Every campaign on Instagram needs a hashtag. It is so easy to create one but so difficult to create the hashtag that will attract and drive audiences to your page. Make sure you are creative and make a hashtag that is short, memorable, and simple.

  1. Use influences to do the promotion

Using influences is the effective way to do your promotion because they are the main key parts of Instagram campaigns. So find the right influences and get specific on how they can help you.

  • Run a contest. Contents can easily go viral if you implement them effectively. Come up with a good contest and offer a tempting prize to the winner. This will attract a lot of people to get involved.
  • Consider ads. If you want to grow quickly and expand your campaign quickly and get revenue, you might consider Instagram ads. This is one the effective way to get more traffic on your page.

The best way to get Instagram comments is through organic ways and following proper channels. Buying comments might serve in the short run but it might ruin your entire business within a short period of time.

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